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Rio Rancho Real Estate Albuquerque

Rio Rancho is a suberb of Albuquerque which is the largest economy of Sandoval County and also of New Mexico. Rio Rancho is the third fastest growing city in New Mexico.

The current population is estimated to be about 70,000








The Rio Rancho area was originally part of the Alameda Land Grant, which was founded by the Spanish in 1710. By the early twentieth century, much of the land grant had been sold to land investment companies. AMREP Southwest, Inc. purchased 55,000 acres in1961 and turned the land into a housing development called "Rio Rancho Estates" with the first families moving in the early 1960's.


Rio Rancho is bordered by Albuquerque to the south, the Santa Ana Indian Reservation to the north, and Bernalillo and Corrales to the east. The northeast corner of the city is bounded by the Rio Grande River.


The Intel Corporation is the largest employer in Rio Rancho. Intel's presence contributes heavily to the local economy.