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Home Inspections - AmeriSpec

Buyer Brokers of Albuquerque always recommends a whole house inspection whether you are buying a new or used home.

A Professional home inspection can offer homeowners valuable technical and practical knowledge about their new purchase.

While it’s usually the biggest purchase a family makes, most houses don’t come with an instruction manual. It’s not unusual for buyers to move into new home without knowing many basic necessities, like the location of the main water shut-off or the fuse box. A home inspector can point out many of these fundamentals, while providing other valuable information about the house.

Each AmeriSpec client receives The AmeriSpec Report, a comprehensive, 400-plus item report on the condition of the house, a seasonal maintenance checklist, and a Home Maintenance Manual. In addition to acquainting the owner with their new home, The AmeriSpec Report also serves as a reference for future maintenance activities.

Having the opportunity to become familiar with their new home is one of the main reasons AmeriSpec encourages buyers to be on hand for the inspection.

When the buyers are present, the inspector can point our specific details to them, while giving them the opportunity to ask questions. This is also the perfect time for buyers to do any measuring or last-minute checking before moving in.