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Albuquerque Real Estate - Albuquerque Area History

Albuquerque Real estate in the 1700's

Albuquerque was founded in 1706 by a few Spanish families who built a small chapel and adobe homes around a plaza close to the Rio Grande.

Albuquerque is New Mexico's largest city with a population of about 750,000, Albuquerque is located in a fertile river valley in the center of the state. The Rio Grande slowly flows through Albuquerque, giving a constant source of water to the Upper Sonoran Desert. Downtown Albuquerque was originally an Indian Pueblo from the early 1300s. Albuquerque Real Estate has an ancient history. In 1934 a few spear points and a sloth's claw was found in a cave in the Sandia Mountains just outside of Albuquerque. Humans hunted elephants and saber-tooth tigers almost 27,000 years ago. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado with his expedition on its fabled search for the lost cities of gold, in 1540 came upon stone houses along the Rio Grande. These people were farmers who worked the fertile soils along the Rio Grande. The Spanish then dominated and mistreated the local Pueblo people. Then came the Pueblo revolt of 1680. The freedom was short. The Spanish regained control in 1706. This is where the land grants that we know today had originated. A number of Spanish familes were granted land by King Felipe V. Albuquerque's unique name comes from Don Francisco Fernandez de la Cueva Enrique, the duke of Albuquerque and viceroy of Spain.