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New Mexico Charm - The Hacienda:

According to the Encyclopedia a hacienda is a vast ranch that implies a land grant from Spain in the 1500's.




In Corrales a Hacienda is a home with a feel of the country
with the ability to have horses and chickens.
Near the Rio Grande, founded for agricultural purposes,
it has grown to a unique and quaint area to call home.

























New Mexico Real Estate, homes for sale architecture is reflected and inspired through historical buildings. A great example of New Mexico history and architecture is reflected in Corrales Churches. Buying a home with this charm and relaxed lifestyle is a worthwhile goal when considering Corrales real estate.

Corrales’s fertile floodplain has attracted settlers for hundreds of years. For centuries it sustained Pueblo farms and villages. Spanish settlement began in 1712 and lasted well into the 19th century when Hispanic farmers and ranchers were joined by (mainly) Italian and French farmers. These brought sophisticated wine-making traditions and Corrales became known for its viniculture.

Milagro Vineyards and winery has evolved from a desire to make the best wine possible from traditional vinifera wine grapes grown in Corrales and New Mexico. Milagro currently produces Zinfandel, Merlot, Chardonnay, Syrah and Cabernet as they have produced high quality wine since the first vineyard was planted in 1985 by family and friends. From vineyard to bottle, the wines are handcrafted in small quantities and aged in oak to produce wines that showcase New Mexico terroir.

New Mexico Photo Journal has some great visual examples of Corrales Vineyards.

New Mexico has a rich history of Vinyards. NM Magazine is a great resource for more information on these New Mexico Vinyards.

During the first half of the 20th century the name of the village was changed to Sandoval to honor a powerful local family, but “Corrales” remained in many hearts and minds and in the 1960s the village reclaimed its historic name. As the population of nearby Albuquerque exploded after World War II the charm and quiet of Corrales attracted many newcomers. Today the village is a rural-residential oasis sandwiched between metropolitan Albuquerque and the burgeoning city of Rio Rancho .

For more Corrales History you can visit the Corrales Historical Society.


The Village of Corrales has a total area of 29.1 km about 11 square miles. The area is cover with about 5% of water.

Corrales has been part of Sandoval County since 2005.

As of 2000 Census the population is just over 7,000 people and almost 3000 households. Of this there are about 2,100 families.














"Ranchos de Corrales," located in the center of Corrales is rumored to be haunted by ghosts. Some of the reports of hauntings were ghosts causing people to drop their plates and apparitions. It is also known as the Territorial House, or T-House. It is a big part of Corrales's history and has a distinctive look, complete with a tree growing through the roof of the patio area.